Rural women in Sudan face a triple crisis of poverty, environmental degradation, and armed conflict. Many are struggling to provide enough food to keep their families from starving. Mothers often go hungry to ensure that their children can eat. Despite this sacrifice, UNICEF estimates that more than 40% of children under age five in Sudan suffer from malnutrition, report shows that supplies of food aid are running low because of record international grain prices.

The effects of global climate change are wreaking havoc in Sudan, where intermittent droughts and floods are destroying crops and livestock and making farmers’ traditional knowledge obsolete. Many of these farmers are women, who grow and harvest the majority of food crops in Sudan. Yet, aid programs traditionally exclude women, from, credit, and agricultural inputs, such as seeds and fertilizer.

Ongoing warfare in Darfur has caused millions of people to flee and settle elsewhere, creating a need to grow more food on soil that’s been depleted by climate change and stretching the meager resources of poor farming communities to the limit.

To defend the effect of climate change to the women ,Zenab for Women in Development (ZWD) advocates at all level the effect of climate change on women ,espeically the rural women ( farmers), ZWD president presented statment about Gender & Climate change at the CSW52 , at the United Nation , New York, USA 2008.

In November 2009 ZWD participated as the only Women NGO from Sudan at the Climate Chnage Summit in Copenhagen , ZWD presented Statement with other International NGOs and lobby with the INGOs for better deal espeically for the women.


an indigenous Sudanese NGO working at the grassroots level...


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