We advocate for the human rights of women, girls and other marginalized communities to be the real peace building partner

Legal Aid

We believe that one of the critical conditions to empowerment – gaining control over making your own decisions – is to be able to ‘voice’. We recognize that many Sudanese women and girls are lacking means to voice, hence their voices are being silenced. We see this as a form of structural violence against women.
Our work fills this gap – we are committed to end all forms of violence and discrimination against women, girls and other marginalized communities, namely Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriage, forced marriage, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.
As an advocate of human rights and peace building, we facilitate legal aid services to get the silenced voice heard. In so doing, we provide legal logistical support and legal representation for those with limited means while organizing awareness raising campaigns and workshops around human rights, women’s and girls’ rights, human dignity and gender equality.
We also provide legal literacy training so as to increase the voicing capacity of those who have been excluded from legal participation.

Political Participation

We are a strong believer of democracy and conflict resolution. We encourage and disseminate peace by recognizing cultural and religious diversity.
Our work aims to increase political literacy of Sudanese women and girls by organizing training workshops on democratic concepts, electoral system and peace building techniques.
We also advocate to bring about change in laws, social traditions and taboos that hinder the political participation of women.