Sharfia Ishag Adam (40). Madag Village, Eastern Galabat. Gadaref

Sharifa’s choice to join the EU-funded Sudan Food Security Programme has transformed her life.
Before she joined the programme, the use of conventional agricultural techniques used to keep her in the farm all day. Because of this, she had suffered from chronic back pain. This also had limited her time and ability to provide quality care for her family at home.
Now, she can secure enough time while engaging farming activities as the conservation agricultural techniques have halved her workload in the field. Her back pain has been reduced. Her yield per feddan raised from 1 sack to 6 sacks within 2 years. And, she has her own investment plan to build a grain store with her extra income as she needs a storage space for her surplus harvest anyway.
Borrowing Sharifa’s own words, “it has turned my life by 180 degrees”.
Such a state of being able to make an investment decision based on her own asset exemplifies an enhanced level of empowerment that our work has brought about.

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