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Stories on the Horizon

Enhancing School Environment for Girls

Boosting Resilient Livelihoods of Women Farmers: Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture

Eradicating FGM

Reaching the Neglected: Female Prisoners

More Stories

Primary Education: Breaking the Cycle of Inter-generational Poverty
Adult Education: Financial Literacy
Adult Education: Political Literacy
Adult Education: Legal Literacy
Food Security: Impact Overview (Scalability, Sustainability & Replicability)
Food Security: Input Package
Food Security: Conservation Agricultural Techniques
Food Security: Agricultural Finance (Credit, Savings & Insurance)
Food Security: Income Generation & Market Linkages
Health & Water: Female Prisoners
Health & Water: Midwifery & Child Nutrition
Human Rights: Fighting Violence against Women
Human Rights: Human Trafficking
Livelihoods: Youth Employment