Fatima is the founder of Zenab for Women in Development (ZWD). A thoughtful leader and an advocate for Sudanese women and girls, Fatima has worked tirelessly to build ZWD with lasting impact.

Fatima’s dedication to ZWD has its roots in her childhood. As the eldest daughter of Zenab Mohamad Nour, she witnessed every moment of her mother’s struggle and aspiration to advocate for the girls’ education and women’s empowerment in Sudan.

Influenced by her mother, Fatima actively fought for her fellow female students’ rights at the University of Gezira in Wad Madani, Sudan. During the Eastern Sudan famine crisis in 1983-1985, Fatima and her colleagues initiated a series of volunteer activities to serve the affected population – some of whom became part of the ZWD team today.

She later received a Master’s degree in a joint program with the University of Gezira and the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas (ICARDA) in Aleppo, Syria. As her mother’s health conditions became critical, Fatima decided to suspend her PhD program in order to establish ZWD and to take the lead to continue her mother’s effort.

Fatima is regularly called upon by the United Nations, international conferences and other Civil Society Organizations fora to represent the voice of Sudanese women and girls and to contribute to global development strategies. She has sat the Board of Trustees of African Women Development and Communication Network. Fatima was also invited to address the first Round Table on Gender Equality and Poverty Alleviation during the Millennium Development Goals High Level Meeting.

Her restless delegation to advocate for the rights of vulnerable and marginalized Sudanese people, especially those in the rural areas, has been recognized through the “Ambassador of Peace” Award in 2005.


Fatima Ahmed, Chairperson

Safiya Tayeb, Deputy Chair

Ibtihaal M. Idrish, Financial Secretary

Nasreen Salah, Member

Osama Abdullahhamd, Member

Esra Ahmad Tawfeek, Member

Hasan Al-jaylee, Member