Education is at the heart of what we do.

It is a process and opportunity to attain knowledge and literacy

– a fundamental set of tools to make decisions with.

Primary Education

In rural Sudan, high illiteracy rate remains a long-lasting, inter-generational issue. One of the underlying causes to this challenge is the high drop-out rates among school-aged children (particularly girls) despite their strong passion towards education.
In addressing this gap, we facilitate a gender-sensitive school environment where girls, boys and their family can enjoy primary education comfortably. This includes constructing and renovating schools in appropriate locations and installing safely-built toilets. To maximize the impact, we provide complementary advocacy activities, such as hand-wash campaign and nutrition lessons.

Adult Education

In addition to girls, our reach extends to adult women. We aim to reduce the illiteracy rate among adult women in the areas of financial literacy, political literacy and legal literacy through various types of training and workshops, namely micro-finance and political participation.
We also employ the ‘train the trainer’ model, whereby women leaders are equipped with enhanced understanding around gender-related issues and relevant social services so that they can pass the knowledge and skills to their fellow women, girls and their families.


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